The beginning

It all starts with a mother's love for arts and crafts and her daughter Elisa. Muriel started this project when she tried to make a sweater for her daughter. But the project was very ambitious and Muriel much too impatient and the crochet sweater became the bag you see here today. The story kicks off from there with lots of laughter, joy and colors... Creating this brand means sharing colors, happiness, good energies and the pleasure of working together as a family and let's not forget that this project has taken shape thanks to Julia's talent .

Quality First

We started by creating products which we wanted to see worn.

For our products, we chose  an organic cotton with long staple fibres. This type of cotton is very soft and has a greater resistance to washing and use. It is therefore more durable.

We found the fabrics for the pouches in an organisation which accompanies designers in their appropriation of circular economy practices and the reuse of materials.

Finally we have enlisted the expertise of women in Morocco who are part of cooperatives and associations supporting women. We visit them several times a year and we are proud to help them bring an income home while respecting their way of life.

The story behind the name Anabaum

When I finally decided to launch my brand, my daughter Elisa and her friend Julia, an artistic designer, suggested I come up with a name. I gave them my initial idea, but they kindly replied, "Think about another name..." This made it clear that my idea wasn't good, so they insisted I come up with something else. A few nights later, I was watching a documentary about the life of elephants in the Kalahari desert during the dry season. The film explained how the elephants walk along the path of dry rivers in search of sustenance, and occasionally they come across Anabaum trees, which they love for their fruit. These fruits are late bloomers, just like me starting a business in my 50s, and are a treat for the elephants. Unfortunately, the fruits are at the top of the tree, and the elephants can't reach them. This is where the story of cooperation comes in: the monkeys who live on the Anabaum trees throw the fruits to the elephants. In return, the predators don't come close as long as the elephants are around. For our brand, cooperation is also key. We cooperate in all kinds of ways, across different generations, with women in cooperatives who need work to become independent, and with my husband, without whom I wouldn't have carried on. The name Anabaum reflects our commitment to cooperation and support. Furthermore, Anabaum is a tribute to my grandfather's sister, Hannah Birnbaum, and all those who disappeared with her. More generally, It is an homage to my ancestors. But a tree grows and flourishes, and to me represents the pride and joy I find in my children and the future!